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This song is by Billy Stewart and appears on the compilation The Chess Story (1999).

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An the livin' is easy
Fish are jumping
Don't ya know my darlin'?
I-I said, a-right now
An a-cotton is high

Yo old daddy is rich
So damn rich, girl-a
An a-yo mommy's good looking, yeah-ay
So, a-hush pretty little, baby
Don't a, a-you cry

One-a-these, a-one-a-these
A-one-a-these mornin's come up, early
Ya gonna rise
Ya gonna rise up, singin'
Then you spread yo little wings
Yo little wings
An-a take to the sky-la-la-la-lie
Until a-that mornin', you're a free maid
There's a-nothin' a-gon' harm you, girl
With a 'dombie', an a-daddy standin' by

Yeah, blues

Come a little la-a-a-ate
Payin' up the dues
Give you the blues
I know, my little darlin'
I love you, so
An a-never gonna let you go

Tell-a lie, tell-a-lie
Then another, another lie
Another lie, another lie
They, pretty baby
Cannot save the day, yeah, girl
Hush, pretty little baby
Don't wanna let you cry
Hush! Shush

Don't a-you cry, Lordy
Little darlin', I see a girl
No hope child, I, I, said a-right now
A-listen, baby

I don't, I don't, I don't
I don't want you to die
Don't-a, pretty baby child
A-don't let-a tear, don't let a tear
Fall from yo eyes

All that mama do to please you-ooh
'Cause she paid her dues with blues

Baby child, I said a-right now
Don't let a tear, don't let a tear
Don't let a tear
Baby doll, I said
Fall down a-from yo eyes

So hush, pretty baby
Yo eyes

Said I never thought a-you black girl
Pretty baby, but I sympathize, now
Good God-a-Mighty
That's enough said, girl
Baby, help you through, don't fall
Now, settle back down
Little girl, Girl

Little darling do not let a little tear
Fall-a from your eye-hi-hi-hi-eye