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You Know What I Like

This song is by Billy Squier and appears on the album Don't Say No (1981).

Somewhere in the distance---somewhere down the line
A trace of an illusion is etched upon my mind
A fool's infatuation poundin' in my brain
I fell into your face before I ever knew your name
You're no stranger--you know what I like...

You got me in a cross fire, drivin' in my car
You come on like a daydream, you move just like a star
Your lips are my persuasion, your love will be my cure
The path of least resistance is all I can endure
You're no stranger--you know what I like...

Miles of's all between the lines
You're in the "A" rotation, you're with me all the time
Our love will go the distance--however near and far
In all of my confusion, I know just who you are
You're no stranger--you know what I like...

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