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The Tale of the Tape (1980)Edit

Billy Squier - The Tale of the Tape
The Tale of the Tape
  1. The Big Beat
  2. Calley Oh
  3. Rich Kid
  4. Like I'm Lovin' You
  5. Who Knows What a Love Can Do
  6. You Should Be High, Love
  7. Who's Your Boyfriend
  8. Music's All Right
  9. Young Girls

Don't Say No (1981)Edit

Billy Squier - Don't Say No
Don't Say No
  1. In The Dark
  2. The Stroke
  3. My Kinda Lover
  4. You Know What I Like
  5. Too Daze Gone
  6. Lonely Is The Night
  7. Whadda Ya Want From Me
  8. Nobody Knows
  9. I Need You
  10. Don't Say No

Emotions in Motion (1982)Edit

Billy Squier - Emotions In Motion
Emotions in Motion
  1. Everybody Wants You
  2. Emotions In Motion
  3. Learn How To Live
  4. In Your Eyes
  5. Keep Me Satisfied
  6. It Keeps You Rockin'
  7. One Good Woman
  8. She's A Runner
  9. Catch 22
  10. Listen To The Heartbeat

Signs of Life (1984)Edit

Billy Squier - Signs Of Life
Signs of Life
  1. All Night Long
  2. Rock Me Tonite
  3. Eye On You
  4. Take A Look Behind You
  5. Reach For The Sky
  6. (Another) 1984
  7. Fall For Love
  8. Can't Get Next To You
  9. Hand-Me-Downs
  10. Sweet Release

Enough Is Enough (1986)Edit

Billy Squier - Enough Is Enough
Enough Is Enough
  1. Shot O' Love
  2. Love Is the Hero
  3. Lady With a Tenor Sax
  4. All We Have to Give
  5. Come Home
  6. Break the Silence
  7. Powerhouse
  8. Lonely One
  9. Til It's Over
  10. Wink of an Eye

Hear & Now (1989)Edit

Billy Squier - Hear & Now
Hear & Now
  1. Rock Out / Punch Somebody
  2. Stronger
  3. Don't Say You Love Me
  4. Don't Let Me Go
  5. Tied Up
  6. (I Put A) Spell on You
  7. G.O.D.
  8. Mine Tonite
  9. The Work Song
  10. Your Love Is My Life

Creatures of Habit (1991)Edit

Billy Squier - Creatures Of Habit
Creatures of Habit
  1. Young at Heart
  2. She Goes Down
  3. Lover
  4. Hollywood
  5. Conscience Point
  6. Nerves on Ice
  7. Hands of Seduction
  8. Facts of Life
  9. (L.O.V.E.) Four Letter Word
  10. Strange Fire
  11. Alone in Your Dreams (Don't Say Goodbye)

Tell the Truth (1993)Edit

Billy Squier - Tell The Truth
Tell the Truth
  1. Angry
  2. Tryin' to Walk a Straight Line
  3. Rhythm (A Bridge So Far)
  4. Hercules
  5. Lovin' You Ain't So Hard
  6. Time Bomb
  7. Stranger to Myself
  8. The Girl's All Right
  9. Break Down
  10. Not a Color
  11. Mind Machine
  12. Shocked Straight

King Biscuit Flower Hour (1996)Edit

Billy Squier - King Biscuit Flower Hour
King Biscuit Flower Hour
  1. Everybody Wants You
  2. Whadda Ya Want From Me
  3. I Need You / Catch 22
  4. Learn How To Live
  5. My Kinda Lover
  6. Too Daze Gone
  7. She's A Runner
  8. Emotions In Motion
  9. Listen To The Heartbeat
  10. Lonely Is The Night
  11. In The Dark
  12. The Stroke
  13. Keep Me Satisfied
  14. Rip This Joint

Happy Blue (1998)Edit

Billy Squier - Happy Blue
Happy Blue
  1. Happy Blues
  2. The Pursuit Of Happiness
  3. She Will
  4. Grasping For Oblivion
  5. If You Would Hate Me Less, I'd Love You More
  6. Stroke Me Blues
  7. More Than Words Can Say
  8. Inferno (Everybody Cries Sometimes)
  9. Long Way To Fall
  10. River
  11. Two

Songs On Compilations And SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Christmas Is The Time To Say 'I Love You'
  2. Now Ain't The Time
  3. On Your Own
  4. Rock Out/Punch Somebody
  5. Shake Down
  6. The Music's All Right
  7. Tied

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