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The Most Exciting Organ Ever (1965)Edit

Billy Preston - The Most Exciting Organ Ever

The Most Exciting Organ Ever

  1. If I Had a Hammer
  2. Low Down
  3. Slippin' and Slidin'
  4. Drown in My Own Tears
  5. I Am Coming Through
  6. The Octopus
  7. Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
  8. Soul Meetin'
  9. Let Me Know
  10. Billy's Bag
  11. The Masquerade Is Over
  12. Steady Gettin' It

That's the Way God Planned It (1969)Edit

Billy Preston - That's The Way God Planned It

That's the Way God Planned It

  1. Do What You Want
  2. I Want to Thank You
  3. Everything's All Right
  4. She Belongs to Me
  5. It Doesn't Matter
  6. Morning Star
  7. Hey Brother
  8. What About You
  9. Let Us All Get Together (Right Now)
  10. This Is It
  11. Keep It to Yourself
  12. That's the Way God Planned It, Parts 1 & 2

Encouraging Words (1970)Edit

Billy Preston - Encouraging Words

Encouraging Words

  1. Right Now
  2. Little Girl
  3. Use What You've Got
  4. My Sweet Lord
  5. Let the Music Play
  6. The Same Thing Again
  7. I've Got a Feeling
  8. Sing One for the Lord
  9. When You Are Mine
  10. I Don't Want You to Pretend
  11. Encouraging Words
  12. All Things (Must) Pass
  13. You've Been Acting Strange

I Wrote a Simple Song (1971)Edit

Billy Preston - I Wrote A Simple Song

I Wrote A Simple Song

  1. Should Have Known Better
  2. I Wrote a Simple Song
  3. John Henry
  4. Without a Song
  5. The Bus
  6. Outa-Space
  7. The Looner Tune
  8. You Done Got Older
  9. Swing Down Chariot
  10. God Is Great
  11. My Country, 'Tis of Thee

Music Is My Life (1972)Edit

Billy Preston - Music Is My Life

Music Is My Life

  1. We're Gonna Make It
  2. One Time or Another
  3. Blackbird
  4. I Wonder Why
  5. Will It Go Round in Circles
  6. Ain't That Nothin'
  7. God Loves You
  8. Make the Devil Mad
  9. Nigger Charlie
  10. Heart Full of Sorrow
  11. Music Is My Life

Everybody Likes Some Kind of Music (1973)Edit

Billy Preston - Everybody Likes Some Kind Of Music

Everybody Likes Some Kind Of Music

  1. Everybody Likes Some Kind of Music
  2. You're So Unique
  3. How Long Has the Train Been Gone
  4. My Soul Is a Witness
  5. Sunday Morning
  6. You've Got Me for Company
  7. Listen to the Wind
  8. Everybody Likes Some Kind of Music (reprise)
  9. Space Race
  10. Do You Love Me?
  11. I'm So Tired
  12. It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
  13. Minuet for Me

Live European Tour (1974)Edit

Billy Preston - Live European Tour

Live European Tour

  1. Day Tripper
  2. The Bus
  3. Let It Be
  4. Will It Go Round in Circles
  5. Let's Go Get Stoned
  6. Space Race
  7. Amazing Grace
  8. That's the Way God Planned It
  9. Outa-Space

The Kids & Me (1974)Edit

Billy Preston - The Kids & Me

The Kids & Me

  1. Tell Me You Need My Loving
  2. Nothing From Nothing
  3. Struttin'
  4. Sister Sugar
  5. Sad Sad Song
  6. You Are So Beautiful
  7. Sometimes I Love You
  8. St. Elmo
  9. John the Baptist
  10. Little Black Boys and Girls
  11. Creature Feature

It's My Pleasure (1975)Edit

Billy Preston - It's My Pleasure

It's My Pleasure

  1. Fancy Lady
  2. Found the Love
  3. That's Life
  4. Do It While You Can
  5. It's My Pleasure
  6. Song of Joy
  7. I Can't Stand It
  8. All of My Life

Billy Preston (1976)Edit

Billy Preston - Billy Preston

Billy Preston

  1. Do What You Want
  2. Girl
  3. Bells
  4. I've Got the Spirit
  5. When You Are Mine
  6. Bad Case of Ego
  7. Take Time to Figure It Out
  8. Let the Music Play
  9. Simplify Your Life
  10. Let's Make Love
  11. Ecstasy

A Whole New Thing (1977)Edit

Billy Preston - A Whole New Thing

A Whole New Thing

  1. A Whole New Thing
  2. Disco Dancin'
  3. Complicated Sayings
  4. Attitudes
  5. I'm Really Gonna Miss You
  6. Wide Stride
  7. You Got Me Buzzin'
  8. Sweet Marie
  9. Happy
  10. Touch Me Love
  11. You Don't Have to Go

Behold! (1978)Edit

Billy Preston - Behold!


  1. I'm Giving My Life to Christ
  2. Heavenly
  3. Born Again
  4. All to Jesus I Surender
  5. He Will See You Through
  6. He Brought Me Out
  7. Motherless Child
  8. Yes My God Is Real
  9. Behold
  10. For You My Lord

Late at Night (1979)Edit

Billy Preston - Late At Night

Late At Night

  1. Give It Up, Hot
  2. Late at Night
  3. All I Wanted Was You
  4. You
  5. I Come to Rest in You
  6. It Will Come in Time
  7. Lovely Lady
  8. With You I'm Born Again (duet with Syreeta)
  9. Sock It Rocket

Universal Love (1980)Edit

  1. Move On Up
  2. With The Help Of The Lord
  3. You Can't Hurry God
  4. Universal Love
  5. Jesus
  6. One With The Lord
  7. Just For Us
  8. Amazing Grace

Pressin' On (1982)Edit

Billy Preston - Pressin' On

Pressin' On

  1. Pressin' On
  2. I'd Like to Go Back Home Again
  3. Loving You Is Easy 'Cause You're Beautiful
  4. Turn It Out
  5. I'm Never Gonna Say Goodbye
  6. Thanks but No Thanks
  7. Don't Try to Fight It
  8. I Love You So
  9. I Come to Rest in You

On the Air (1984)Edit

Billy Preston - On The Air

On The Air

  1. And Dance
  2. Kick-It
  3. Come to Me Little Darlin'
  4. Beatle Tribute
  5. If You Let Me Love You
  6. You Can't Hide from Love
  7. Oh Jamaica
  8. Here, There and Everywhere

Billy's Back (1995)Edit

Billy Preston - Billy's Back

Billy's Back

  1. Billy's Bag
  2. Steady Gettin' It
  3. Let Me Know
  4. Soul Meeting
  5. The Octopus
  6. Slippin' and Slidin' Low Down
  7. I Am Coming
  8. Through
  9. My Girl
  10. Shotgun
  11. Stop! in the Name of Love
  12. Can't You Hear My Heartbeat
  13. Downtown
  14. Eight Days a Week
  15. King of the Road
  16. If I Had a Hammer

Other SongsEdit

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  1. It's So Easy
  2. A Long & Lasting Love
  3. Don't Let Me Down
  4. Everything's Alright
  5. Get Back
  6. Go Where No One's Gone Before
  7. Isn't It a Pity
  8. Let Us All Get Together Right Now
  9. Oh Holy Night
  10. Oh My Lord
  11. Slaughter (Album Version)
  12. Slaughter

Additional information

Artist information:

b.1946, d.2006

  • Occupation: Musician, songwriter, producer
  • Instruments: Vocals, keyboards
Real name:

Billy Preston is a performance name for William Everett Preston.

Years active:

1956 - 2005

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