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Love Is On The Way

This song is by Billy Porter and appears on the movie soundtrack First Wives Club (1996).


Suddenly alone...
And my tears, are all that find me
It's gonna take some time to forget.
Cause everything we've known,
Is lying broken, all around me.
My heart is only filled with regret.
But I got to let go of the heartache, oh yeah yeah
Got to hold on and try to believe... Oh oh

Love is on the way
On wings of angels.
I know its true,
I'll get over you
Love is on the way
Time, turning the pages.
I don't know when, but love will find me again.

I am not afraid
Of the mystery of tomorrow
I have found the faith deep within
There's a promise I have made
And a dream I'm gonna follow
There's another chance to begin.
And its coming as sure as the heaven, Oh baby
I can feel right here, in my heart... In my heart


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