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Feelin' Good At The Cadillac Club (1968)Edit

Billy Paul - Feelin' Good At The Cadillac Club

Feelin' Good At The Cadillac Club

  1. Billy Boy
  2. Missing You
  3. Bluesette
  4. On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever)
  5. Just in Time
  6. That's Life
  7. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
  8. Feeling Good
  9. Somewhere

Ebony Woman (1970)Edit

Billy Paul - Ebony Woman

Ebony Woman

  1. Ebony Woman
  2. Mrs. Robinson
  3. Windmills of Your Mind
  4. Everyday People
  5. Let's Fall in Love All Over
  6. Windy
  7. Psychedelic Sally
  8. Traces
  9. Proud Mary

360 Degrees of Billy Paul (1972)Edit

Billy Paul - 360 Degrees Of Billy Paul

360 Degrees Of Billy Paul

  1. Brown Baby
  2. I'm Just a Prisoner
  3. It's Too Late
  4. Me And Mrs. Jones
  5. Am I Black Enough for You?
  6. Let's Stay Together
  7. Your Song
  8. I'm Gonna Make It This Time

War of the Gods (1973)Edit

Billy Paul - War of the Gods

War of the Gods

  1. I See The Light
  2. War of the Gods
  3. The Whole Town's Talking
  4. I Was Married
  5. Thanks For Saving My Life
  6. Peace Holy Peace

When Love Is New (1975)Edit

Billy Paul - When Love Is New

When Love Is New

  1. People Power
  2. America (We Need The Light)
  3. Let The Dollar Circulate
  4. Malorie
  5. When Love Is New
  6. I Want 'Cha Baby
  7. Let's Make A Baby

Let 'Em In (1976)Edit

Billy Paul - Let 'Em In

Let 'Em In

  1. Let 'Em In
  2. We All Got A Mission
  3. How Good Is Your Game
  4. Love Won't Come Easy
  5. Without You
  6. Word Sure Gets Around
  7. I Trust You
  8. I Think I'll Stay Home Today

Only The Strong Survive (1977)Edit

Billy Paul - Only The Strong Survive

Only The Strong Survive

  1. Only The Strong Survive
  2. Takin' It To The Streets
  3. Sooner Or Later
  4. One Man's Junk
  5. Everybody's Breakin' Up
  6. The Times Of Our Lives
  7. Don't Give Up On Us
  8. Where I Belong

First Class (1979)Edit

Billy Paul - First Class

First Class

  1. False Faces
  2. Bring The Family Back
  3. Game Of Life
  4. It's Critical
  5. Thank You (For This Blessing)
  6. What A Way To Love
  7. So Glad To See You Again
  8. Treasure Of My Life
  9. I Gotta Put This Life Down

Other SongsEdit

  1. Liar (Dub)
  2. Wake Up Everybody

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