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Come On

This song is by Billy Lawrence, features MC Lyte and appears on the album Paradise (1997).

(MC Lyte)
I've been waiting much too long
To get it on, it's the same old song,
Now correct me if I'm wrong.
I got the hots and got the mic
Steaming like a hundred watts ready to blow a fuse.
Yous about to lose if you pass on this I got
The one kiss,
So you can't resist,
Now I'm a get you by all means necessary,
I'm never secondary, no
Need to worry.

I ain't gonna settle for no one,
I ain't gonna give no reasons to see,
And if I give you the notion,
That only states that I'm ready for you to come on.

Baby, wait tomorrow,
Don't leave,
Stay a while boy,
I've been waiting for you,
To bring your loving on,

(Come on 4x)

Oh don't be shy boy come on now,
We've talked about this for quite some time,
Oh yeah you know you want me to feel it,
And I want you so boy don't front say you will be

(MC Lyte)
Hot damn now here he come again,
I wanna share my world let the Nigga in,
I'm made up wit suagr and spice and every thing nice,
I got alot of goodies for a woody wit a hoody,
So tell me are you putting out the pry or what,
Bring out the best in me,
Ain't you got no guts,
All this time I've been anticipating,
Come on love I'm through with the waitng.


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