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Motorcycle Song

This song is by Billy Joel and appears on the box set My Lives (2005).

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Well I'm driving down this road, on this big old motorcycle
I've been riding here so many years that I've forgotten why
Just some Island boys and I cruisin' down that Sunrise Highway
Though when I get west to Lake Success I turn and say goodbye

To Jericho Road, I've already been every place I'm going
Jericho Road, don't have any need to prove nothing to no one
Go where you want, still might be riding for all that I know
Put in my time, drawing the line on the Jericho Road

Well it's a long and nasty life, see myself from falling
Only mightiness, I don't believe I've ever had the chance
Now I know she's waiting there yeah she waits for me in silence
It's--...--I had a chance, as long as I can go

To Jericho Road, never had a--...--run away
Jericho Road, one of a--...--on a lake.........Far as I know...
...No Promised Land on the Jericho Road

Yeah, la la la ...

In a wave or two I fly, when I feel myself come falling
On the motorway...a holiday, oh so cleverly mine
It's a shame I had a chance, but I live here in the darkness
Not a lot that I can do, an ordinary guy

Jericho Road, I've known all along--...--
Jericho Road, had a lot of long--...--summer silence
Should've been lost--...--nobody knows
--...--on a Jericho Road

La la la ...


Written by:

Billy Joel


  • "Sunrise Highway" and "Lake Success" are areas on Long Island. There is a "Jericho Turnpike", but no such road as "Jericho Road"

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