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She's Everything You Want

This song is by Billy Gilman and appears on the album Dare to Dream (2001).

Can't you hear your heart it's talking to your brain
A little voice inside you keeps calling out her name
You can only lose if
You start to hesitate

So why ignore an open door
Showing you the way

A heart can shake it
When it feels that rush
A heart can fake it
When it needs that touch
A magic potion, locomotion
You can't ever stop
A heart can't take it when
She's everything you want

You can't stop you feet from
Walking to her door
Everytime you leave her
You keep on wanting more
You think your in control but
Who're you trying to kid

When your on your knees, begging please
Give me one more kiss


She's everything, she's everything, she's everything you need
She's everything, she's everything, she's all you ever dreamed
Can't play it cool, acting like a fool
When you're trying to deny
You'd do anything, yeah everything
To be by her side


Yeah a heart can't take it when
She's everything you want

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