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I Will

This song is by Billy Gilman and appears on the album Billy Gilman (2006).

It amazes me
How I can see
That there is still so much more
After all this time
It's not hard to find
Why I adore you
Your smile, your heart, my friend
You make me all that I am

If you can tell me how
I could love you more than I do now
I will
And I know without a doubt
I will give you all I have to give
As long as I live
I will

As the years go by

I know that I
Will never leave your side
You're the world to me
And I'll always be
Right here for you
Until the last breath I take
I'm yours, for the rest of my days

I can't imagine how
I would be now
Without you here with me

I will give you all I have to give
For as long as I live
I will

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