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I've Got To Make It To Summer

This song is by Billy Gilman and appears on the album Dare to Dream (2001).

Verse 1- Billy:

My heart skips a beat, when I watch her go by
I don't know if she knows, if I'm even alive
I love to ask her out,
But there's too many people around,
I've gotta make it to summer

Chorus 1x- Billy / (Backgound vocals):

(Summer, summer, summer)
I wanna drift on an ocean, and stare in her eyes
On a blanket of sand
Holdin' her hand while, the lonely people go by
I've gotta make it to summer
(Summer, summer, summer)
I wanna tell her the things, that I'm feelin' inside
And if I get the chance,
I know I'm gonna make her mine


Verse 2- Billy:

I'm stuck in my room, while the snow starts to fall
I'm lost in a beach poster there on my wall
I'd love to see her there,
With the golden sun in her hair,
I've gotta make it to summer


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