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This song is by Billy Gilman and appears on the album Dare to Dream (2001).

Namesake to Elisabeth
Her daddy's pride and joy
Baptised in her mama's tears
Soon after she was born
Cause the doctor said
she'd never live to see her sweet 16
It's a miracle she beat those odds
And there's still no promise she will see tomorrow
It makes me wonder
How life can give someone so much and take so much away
Oooh yeah

You're a teacher
You are safe
And I'm so glad you came to us
You make the world a better place
With the kindness of your smile and your love
And your beauty with live on
And on

She might not ever marry
or hold a baby of her own
Things we all take for granted
All the things she may never know

But she believes there's always hope
And that's all she really has
So she walks through life with passion
And with dignity and class

And when she cries
She cries in silence
But never for herself
She cries for everybody else
Everybody else

Chorus 2x

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