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Almost Love

This song is by Billy Gilman and appears on the album Dare to Dream (2001).

What am I going to get you girl
I wanna buy you the whole wide world
But all I got is a leather jacket and a mood ring
Sometimes I see you standing in the hall
And I can't say a thing at all
Deep inside I'm writing you poetry
Yes I am

1st Chorus:
I almost love you
I can almost feel your kiss
I almost promised my heart
With a promise that's more like a wish
Oooh, I don't know what all this means
But girl I can't get you out of my dreams
Everytime that we get close
It's almost

Yesterday I saw you on the hood of a car
With an older guy he was playing his guitar
And you gave him your smile
I could have cried
But I just froze

Should I stand up to him
Should I pick a fight
Should I get you to run away with me tonight
I don't know how to get there
Or where we'd go
Don't you know

1st Chorus 1x

2nd Chorus:
It's almost
The right stuff
It's almost
The flight of a pure white dove
It's almost
True love

1st Chorus 1x

2nd Chorus 2x