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The Sound Of Fury (1960)Edit

The Sound Of Fury
The Sound Of Fury
  1. That's Love
  2. My Advice
  3. Phone Call
  4. You Don't Know
  5. Turn My Back On You
  6. Don't Say It's Over
  7. Since You've Been Gone
  8. It's You I Need
  9. Alright, Goodbye
  10. Don't Leave Me This Way

Halfway To Paradise (1961)Edit

Billy Fury - Halfway to Paradise
Halfway to Paradise
  1. Halfway To Paradise
  2. Don't Worry
  3. You're Having The Last Dance With Me
  4. Push Push
  5. Fury's Tune
  6. Talkin' In My Sleep
  7. Stick Around
  8. A Thousand Stars
  9. Cross My Heart
  10. Comin' Up In The World
  11. He Will Break Your Heart
  12. Would You Stand By Me

We Want Billy! (1963)Edit

We Want Billy!
We Want Billy!
  1. Sweet Little Sixteen
  2. Baby Come On
  3. That's All Right
  4. Wedding Bells
  5. Sticks and Stones
  6. Unchain My Heart
  7. I'm Moving On
  8. Just Because
  9. Halfway to Paradise
  10. I'd Never Find Another You
  11. Once Upon a Dream
  12. Last Night Was Made For Love
  13. Like I've Never Been Gone
  14. When Will You Say I Love You

World Of Billy Fury (1972)Edit

World Of Billy Fury
World Of Billy Fury
  1. Halfway to Paradise
  2. Because of Love
  3. In Summer
  4. Nobody's Child
  5. A Thousand Stars
  6. Magic Eyes
  7. I'll Never Find Another You
  8. Last Night Was Made for Love
  9. Like I've Never Been Gone
  10. Once Upon a Dream
  11. Push Push
  12. Letter Full of Tears

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Colette
  2. Devil Or Angel
  3. Do You Really Love Me (Fools Errand)
  4. Forget Him
  5. I Gotta Horse
  6. I Like Animals
  7. I Will
  8. I'm Lost Without You
  9. It's Only Make Believe
  10. Jealousy
  11. Jump
  12. Maybe Tomorrow
  13. No Trespassers
  14. Nothin' Shakin'
  15. Play It Cool
  16. Somebody Else's Girl
  17. We Were Meant For Each Other
  18. Where Do You Run?
  19. Wondrous Place

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