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Mary Lopez

This song is by Billy Crawford and appears on the album Billy Crawford (1999).

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Yeah, ah, yeah
Been searching for a friend of mine
We used to hang out all the time
I called her up on the telephone
It was someone elses home

Like the sun, didn't rain
When she smiled that smile that moved you so
Dark and gloom
Gotta run from the pain
I whised she would have said good bye
I've been looking for a girl named Mary Lopez
I've been looking
I will search the world to fine you mary lopez
(Well well well oho oh)

She's 5 foot 2 and what a smile,
My Mary always dressed with style
Would you help me find her please
So I can have some live and peace

(Haven't seen her since she moved out of bay ridge)
Inside my heart is where you will always live

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