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The Welly Song

This song is by Billy Connolly.

If it wisnae fur yer wellies where wid ye be?
You'd be in the hospital or infirmary
Cause you would have a dose ae the flu or even pleurisy
If ye didnae have your feet in your wellies

Wellies they are wonderful, welliess they are swell
'Cause they keep out the water and they keep in the smell
And when yur sittin' in a room you can always tell
When some bugger takes aff his wellies

Or when your out walkin' in the country wi a bird
And your strollin' over fields just like a farmers herd
And somebody shouts keep aff the grass nd you think how absurd
And you find why farmers all wear wellies

There's fishermen and firemen there's farmers an a'
There's men out diggin' ditches and workin' in the snow
This country it wid grind to a halt and no a thing wid grow
If it wisnae fur the workers in their wellies

Now Edward Heath and Wilson, they huvnae made a hit
They are ruinin' this country maer than just a bit
If they dinnae get their finger oot we'll all be in the sh!t
So you better keep your feet in your wellies

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