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Billy Burnette (1972)Edit

Billy Burnette - Billy Burnette

Billy Burnette

  1. Always Wondering 'Bout You Babe
  2. Going To A Party
  3. Get On Down
  4. Riff Raft Man
  5. The Last War Song
  6. Just My Love
  7. Too Bad I Missed You
  8. I Miss You Darling
  9. I'm Gettin' Wasted Doing Nothing
  10. Twenty Years Ago, Today

Billy Burnette (1979)Edit

Billy Burnette - Billy Burnette 1979

Billy Burnette

  1. Shoo-Be-Doo
  2. You Brought Me Back
  3. Niki Hoeky
  4. Living Out Our Fantasies
  5. Walkin' Marsha Home
  6. Believe What You Say
  7. I Ain't No Spaceman
  8. Take A Listen - Listen To Your Heart
  9. Dreamin' My Way Back to You
  10. Mississippi Line

Between Friends (1979)Edit

Billy Burnette - Between Friends

Between Friends

  1. What's A Little Love Between Friends
  2. All My Life
  3. Are You Dreamin' The Same Dream
  4. Out-Run the Sun
  5. Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay
  6. Help Is On the Way
  7. Hey, You Got a Way
  8. Love Is In Motion
  9. Rain Dance
  10. Precious Time

Billy Burnette (1980)Edit

Billy Burnette - Billy Burnette 1980

Billy Burnette

  1. In Just A Heartbeat
  2. Oh, Susan
  3. Danger Zone
  4. Don't Say No
  5. Rockin' L.A.
  6. Honey Hush
  7. Rockin' With Somebody New
  8. One Night
  9. Sittin' On Ready
  10. Angeline
  11. Tear It Up

Gimme You (1981)Edit

Billy Burnette - Gimme You

Gimme You

  1. Whatcha Gonna Do When the Sun Goes Down
  2. Gettin' Back (To You And Me)
  3. The Bigger the Love
  4. I Don't Know Why
  5. Gimme You
  6. Love Ain't Easy
  7. Let the New Love Begin
  8. I Don't Wanna Know
  9. Gone Again
  10. Take You Around the World (In My Arms)

Try Me (1985)Edit

Billy Burnette - Try Me

Try Me

  1. Try Me
  2. Ain't It Just Like Love
  3. It Ain't Over
  4. Guitar Bug
  5. I'm Not Me
  6. Roll Over
  7. Who's Using Your Heart Tonight
  8. Talkin' Love
  9. The Letter
  10. Rock And Roll Lullaby

Soldier of Love (1986)Edit

Billy Burnette - Soldier Of Love

Soldier of Love

  1. Soldier Of Love
  2. You Leave It Up To Me
  3. We'll Take It Day By Day
  4. Let's Take A Drive
  5. Slave to Your Love
  6. I've Just Seen A Face
  7. What A Perfect Way
  8. Blonde Ambition
  9. Looks Like It's Gonna Rain Today
  10. Little Bit Of Them In Me

Brother to Brother (1988)Edit

Billy Burnette - Brother To Brother

Brother to Brother

  1. Brother to Brother
  2. Ain't It Just Like Love
  3. It Ain't Over
  4. Looks Like It's Gonna Rain Today
  5. Try Me
  6. I've Just Seen A Face
  7. Soldier Of Love
  8. Let's Take A Drive
  9. Guitar Bug
  10. Roll Over

Coming Home (1993)Edit

Billy Burnette - Coming Home

Coming Home

  1. Tangled Up In Texas
  2. Into the Storm
  3. This Love (Ain't Long For This World)
  4. Sugar Babe
  5. The Bigger the Love
  6. I Recovered, I Survived
  7. Walk With Me
  8. Let Your Heart Make Up Your Mind
  9. I Still Remember (How To Miss You)
  10. The Light Of Love

All Night Long (1999)Edit

Billy Burnette - All Night Long

All Night Long

  1. All Night Long
  2. Memphis Blues
  3. Burnin' Up
  4. Ride This Train
  5. Ain't Got The Heart
  6. Good Kind Of Blues
  7. Need Ya Baby
  8. The Mailman
  9. Goes To Show
  10. I Got Busted
  11. Today Is Elvis' Birthday

Are You with Me Baby (2000)Edit

Billy Burnette - Are You With Me Baby

Are You with Me Baby

  1. Are You With Me Baby
  2. Believe What You Say
  3. To Get Next To You
  4. Didn't Start Livin'
  5. What A Woman Feels
  6. Life and Death
  7. Can't Get Over You
  8. Highway Of Love
  9. Gimme You
  10. Too Much Information
  11. Love Me Back
  12. The Edge Of Love
  13. (Can't Stop) Got A Little Rock In My Shoe

Memphis in Manhattan (2006)Edit

Billy Burnette - Memphis In Manhattan

Memphis in Manhattan

  1. Memphis Blues
  2. My Love Will Not Change
  3. Everything Is Broken
  4. Oh Well
  5. Big Hunk Of Love
  6. Faded Love
  7. Can't Wait To Get Back Home
  8. It's Late
  9. Tryin' To Get Away
  10. Tear It Up
  11. Bye Bye Love

Rock n' Roll With It (2011)Edit

Billy Burnette - Rock N' Roll With It

Rock n' Roll With It

  1. Rock N' Roll With It
  2. My Love Will Not Change
  3. Beautiful Distraction
  4. Wrong One Right
  5. Only the River Knows
  6. Hot Rod Hillbilly
  7. High Rolling
  8. Keep On Keeping On
  9. Ready Already
  10. Karaoke Queen
  11. Rollercoaster Ride
  12. Armed and Dangerous

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