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You Can't Cry It Away

This song is by Billy "Crash" Craddock and appears on the album Easy As Pie (1976).

Baby don't cry baby you know yourself what's done it's done and it can't be erased
Please baby don't cry baby let me wind the pain and the hurtin' right off of your face
And you can't cry it away no you can't cry it away
We have to work it out little by little and day by day
Your every teardrop is killing me baby
It's hurtin' me worse than it's hurtin' you when you can't cry it away
(Come on home let me put my arms around you
Put your head on my shoulder cause everything's gonna be alright honey
Hush now you know I still love you)
Baby don't cry baby...
(Oh baby you don't have to stay away I know what I've done and I'm sorry
But I know that sorry just ain't enough
What you have to do is start right now we have to go right on with our lives
And just make sure that nothing like this would ever happen again)

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