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It's Hard To Love A Hungry, Worried Man

This song is by Billy "Crash" Craddock and appears on the album Rub It In (1974).

There'll be new dresses that you wear now
You look so good he'll pick a flower for you hair
At the end of every day I'm sure he'll find the way
To mention all the things I meant to say
There'll be a house for you to live in
Picket fence and road that's strollin' round your door
We married young and we married for I couldn't give you much before
I'm sure he'll find the means to give you more

And I hope that every night while you're holding him so tight
Lord it seems the only thing we took was fight
And one day if you can take the time to understand
That it's hard to love a hungry worried man

Tell the kids I said goodbye now if I try to say so long I only cry
Grow 'em strong and grow 'em tall with their backs against the wall
Let 'em learn to find the chips where they may fall
I guess you seem the last to me now
To tell the truth there isn't much left now to see
Ive been turned out like I planned love won't grow on fields of sand
And it's hard to love a hungry worried man

And I hope that every night...

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