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Ten Minutes on a Tuesday Afternoon in Buffalo

This song is by Billie Ray Martin and appears on the album 18 Carat Garbage (2001).

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I've been misplaced
And I've been mislead
And I've been lost to myself for so long

I am undone
And I am untouched
And I've been unmoved by this game for so long, oh Lord

I am discoloured
And I am diluted
And I've been dissolved into nothing for so long, oh Lord
And I've been so caught up
That I didn't notice
That I know a change is gonna come (come)

I've been withdrawn (withdrawn)
I've been withheld
And I've been put on the shelf for so long
(So long, I have)
Oh yes I have

I am disjointed
And I am discouraged, oh yes
And I've been holding my breath for so long, oh Lord, yeah
I've been so ready
(So ready yeah)
So way ahead of myself
That I didn't see a change is gonna come (come)
(Oh yes it will)

To my mind
Bring all the peace you can find
To my hands
Bring all the power that love commands

'Cause I've been keeping
(Yeah I've been keeping)
My soul from receiving
(My soul from receiving) oh yeah
And oh Lord I've been helpless for so long, oh yes I have, oh yeah
So let me go now (let me go now)
'Cause I should know now (baby)
That I know (I know)
A change (mm-hm)
Is gonna come (come)
(Yes it's coming, yes it is)
Oh yes


Written by:

Billie Ray Martin, Andrew Keith Fryer and Dennis Conolly


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