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Deadline for My Memories (1995)Edit

Billie Ray Martin - Deadline For My Memories

Deadline for My Memories

  1. Hands up and Amen
  2. Running Around Town
  3. Still Waters
  4. Deadline for My Memories
  5. Imitation of Life
  6. I Try
  7. True Moments of My World
  8. We Shall Be True
  9. I Don't Believe
  10. Space Oasis
  11. You and I (Keep Holding On)
  12. Your Loving Arms
  13. Big Tears and Make-Up

Four Ambient Tales (2000)Edit

Billie Ray Martin - Four Ambient Tales

Four Ambient Tales

  1. Hearts
  2. Planet of the Blue
  3. (I Spent Hours Again) Wishing You Well
  4. House of Love
  5. Hearts (Instrumental)
  6. Planet of the Blue (Instrumental)
  7. (I Spent Hours Again) Wishing You Well (Instrumental)
  8. House of Love (Instrumental)

18 Carat Garbage (2001)Edit

Billie Ray Martin - 18 Carat Garbage

18 Carat Garbage

  1. Captain Drag
  2. Where Fools Rush In
  3. I've Never Been to Memphis
  4. Crime of Passion
  5. Anyone Will Do for a Heartache
  6. Eighteen Carat Garbage
  7. Hello, Hold On!
  8. Bring All the Peace (Interlude)
  9. Ten Minutes on a Tuesday Afternoon in Buffalo
  10. Systems of Silence
  11. Demons of Delirium
  12. Legends That Die
  13. Taking Out the Garbage (Outro)
  14. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (Hidden Track)

Recycled Garbage (2002)Edit

Billie Ray Martin - Recycled Garbage

Recycled Garbage

  1. 18 Carat Garbage (Junior Vasquez Remix)
  2. Where Fools Rush In (Matty's II Deep Mix)
  3. I've Never Been to Memphis (Hacienda's Sideburns Mix)
  4. 18 Carat Garbage (Lunatek Remix)
  5. Systems of Silence (Oliver Moldan's Deep And Full Radio Edit)
  6. Where Fools Rush In (Rumble In The Kitchen Mix)
  7. 18 Carat Garbage (Ralf Gum's 18 Carat Garage Mix)
  8. Systems of Silence (Junior Vasquez Remix)
  9. I've Never Been to Memphis (Oliver Moldan's Tribute To The Queen Mix)
  10. 18 Carat Garbage (Nudisco Radio Edit)
  11. Where Fools Rush In (Matty's Extended Radio Mix)
  12. I've Never Been to Memphis (Zerocrop's Neon Lights Mix)

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Other SongsEdit

  1. Don't Believe a Word
  2. Searching

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