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Spreadin' The Rhythm Around

This song is by Billie Holiday and appears on the album The Quintessential Billie Holiday Volume 1, 1933-1935 (1987) and on the album I Wish I Had You (2000).

Music everywhere, feet are pattin'
Puttin' tempo in old manhattan
Everybody is out high hattin'
Spreadin' rhythm around

Everywhere you go trumpets are blarin'
Drums and saxophones rip and tearin'
Everybody you meet is rarin'
Spreadin' rhythm around

Up in harlem in every flat they give it that zing
Which according to one and all is what they call swing

Those who can't afford silk and satin
Dance with gigolos who are latin
Come from yonkers, the bronx and staten
Spreadin' rhythm around


Written by:

Ted Koehler / Jimmy Mchugh

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