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Away from the city that hurts and mocks
I'm standing alone by the desolate docks.
In the still and the chill of the night.
I see the horizon, the great unknown.
My heart has an ache its as heavy as stone.
Will the dawn coming on make it light?

I cover the waterfront;
I'm watching the sea.
Will the one I love be coming back to me?

I cover the waterfront;
In search of my love,
And I'm covered by a starlit sky above

Here am I patiently waiting, hoping and longing
Oh, how I yearn!
Where are you?
Areyou forgetting?
Doyou remember?
Will you return?

I cover the waterfront
I'm watching the sea
For the one I love must soon come back to me.
For the one I love must soon come back to me.

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