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Day In, Day Out

This song is by Billie Holiday and appears on the album Songs For Distingué Lovers (1957) and on the album The Complete Billie Holiday On Verve 1945-1959 (1992).

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Day In, Day Out
Day in - day out
That same old voodoo follows me about
That same old pounding in my heart, whenever I think of you
And baby I think of you
Day in and day out

Day out - day in
I needn't tell you how my days begin
When I awake I get up with a tingle
One possibility in view
That possibility of maybe seeing you

Come rain - come shine
I meet you and to me the day is fine
Then I kiss your lips, and the pounding becomes
An oceans roar, a thousand drums
Can't you see it's love, can there be any doubt
When there it is, day in - day out


Written by:

Johnny Mercer / Rube Bloom

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