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Baby, I Don't Cry Over You

This song is by Billie Holiday and appears on the compilation album The Complete Decca Recordings (1991) and on the album Priceless Jazz Collection (1997).

Had my lunch all alone
Waited for you to phone
Said you call me at two
So at abpout twenty of three
I had cocktails with lee
Baby, I don't cry over you

Stood me up in the rain
Tried to hurt me again
Bet you thought I'd be blue
I went out to a show
With a swell guy named joe
Baby, I don't cry over you

These foolish games you keep playing

Might work with somebody else
But I could have told you
Right from the start
No man is man enough
To break my heart

If you don't come tonight
Think you'll give me a fright
Tell you what I will do
I'll put on my best gown
And go painting this town
Baby, I don't cry over you

Listen jack you're sweet jill
Will be out with some bill
Maybe I don't cry over you


Written by:

Morton Krouse

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