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Riverdance (1995)Edit

Bill Whelan - Riverdance
  1. Reel Around The Sun
  2. The Heart's Cry
  3. The Countess Cathleen/Women Of The Sidhe
  4. Caoineadh Cù Chulainn (Lament)
  5. Shivna
  6. Firedance
  7. Slip Into Spring
  8. Riverdance
  9. American Wake (The Nova Scotia Set)
  10. Lift The Wings
  11. Macedonian Morning
  12. Marta's Dance/The Russian Dervish
  13. Andalucia
  14. Home And The Heartland
  15. The Harvest
  16. Riverdance (remix)

Some Mother's Son (1996)Edit

Bill Whelan - Some Mother's Son
Some Mother's Son
  1. Some Mother's Son
  2. Bridge Attack
  3. The Seabird
  4. Watching Annies House
  5. Escape And Capture
  6. At The Police Station
  7. Meeting Bobby Sands
  8. No Slop Out
  9. The Kiss
  10. Alice's Theme
  11. Prison Mass
  12. Bobby Calls The Strike
  13. Kathleen Joins Up
  14. Róisin Dubh
  15. The Strikes Stand Firm
  16. The Seabird (instrumental)
  17. Kathleen's Decision
  18. I Had To Do It
  19. The Seabird (reprise)
  20. Some Mother's Son (Ogainigh Oig)

Dancing at Lughnasa (1998)Edit

Bill Whelan - Dancing At Lughnasa
Dancing at Lughnasa
  1. Prologue
  2. Kite
  3. Road To Ballybeg
  4. Jack's Arrival
  5. Gander
  6. Gerry And Christine
  7. Monsignor Carlin
  8. Kiss In The Forest
  9. Black Bike
  10. Our Secret
  11. Picnic
  12. Blackberry Bush
  13. Lughnasa Fire
  14. Lough Anna
  15. Dancing At Lughnasa
  16. Don't Leave Me Yet
  17. Splendid Hat
  18. Epilogue
  19. Down By The Salley Gardens

Other SongsEdit

  1. Heal Their Hearts
  2. The Seabird (Instumental)
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