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Sound is a Vibe

This song is by Bill Nye.

This song is a parody of "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor.
At first I didn't know,
Yet I was quite intrigued,
To learn that sound and light are really forms of energy.
But the funny thing about light is it's both particle and wave,
So in a cave,
I yelled to see how sound behaved!

And it came back, it echoed nice,
The sound waves bounced back through the air so what I yelled once I heard twice.
And so I ran out from the rocks,
And I dashed to a telephone,
Where I picked up the receiver,
And I dialed up my home.

Hey do you know
How sound is made?
It's really simple,
It happens when something vibrates.
Like now you see my vocal chords are moving to and fro,
And thus these words I'm saying
Are just vibrations in my throat!

And so I cried,
"Sound is a vibe"!
It travels through the air in waves and at our ears it then arrives,
And then inside these tiny bones,
Things get all amplified,
Cause sound's a vibe, sound is a vibe!
Hey hey

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