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Mr. Dino

This song is by Bill Nye.

This song is a parody of "Mr. Wendal" by Arrested Development.
This is a dinosaur
And this here's a dinosaur too
Creatures that lived a while back, you see
A long time before me and you
They were big, and they were scaly
And there were thousands all over the place
But keep in mind that was a long time
Before buildings and cars and the human race

Mr. Dino
Mr. Dino

This rap's about dinos, man
Who are extinct and have been for years
It's only 'cause of fossils, see
That we even know they were here
Fossils are things you can dig
You know, like bones and rocks and such
And there aren't that many and they're hard to find
But when we do they tell us oh so much about

Mr. Dino
Mr. Dino

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