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How Can We Communicate?

This song is by Bill Nye.

This song is a parody of "He Thinks He'll Keep Her" by Mary Chapin Carpenter.
She sends a letter, he shakes his head
She makes a phone call, he yawns in bed
When we communicate it's done in many ways
Computers, music, books, and William Shakespeare's plays
Squids change their color, gorillas yell
Dogs, cats, and insects use sense of smell
Animals communicate by using their bodies
And every dog knows how to mark their scent on trees

Communication all the time, that includes fashion design
* Deaf people, they learn to sign, communication
* Traffic lights and road signs,
* Mathematical formulas work just fine
Almost anything that comes to mind


The 'NTV Top 11 Countdown' episode featured a shortened version, missing the lines marked with a *.

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