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Bill Got Boat

This song is by Bill Nye.

This song is a parody of "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot.
I like to sail and I'll tell you why
Sometimes it's fun not to fly
When I want to have fun, float around in the sun
We all can learn how it's done
You read books, or you learn somehow
Whatever you need to know
Displacement is the reason
I'm psyched and I can't stop asking
Please float me, I wanna be buoyant
Isn't that the point?
The cold water could drown me
But this boat I've got keeps me from sinking
Ooh, Mr. Water
You say that it's just too easy
Well, tell me, show me
Find a way not to confuse me
You see it floating
There's no way it's sinking
Because it's dense, it makes sense
As long as something weighs the same or less
Then the water it's displacing
Well, just wait, give me a reason
Take your average object, see what you think
Does it float or sink?
Bill's got a boat
Bill's got a boat

A word to those who watch cartoons
I want to inform ya, I won't diss or bore ya
But I gotta be straight when I say that
I want to float
Even when the boat
Is gone
Buoyancy's the name of this song
Don't even try to tell me I'm wrong
When something's placed in the water
It gets pushed down with this weight
Then gravity pulls
Science rules
To the top and water pushes it back
Some objects (Yeah)
Like bricks (Uh huh)
Don't displace enough air or water (Uh oh)
But that can be changed
When the form and shape is rearranged
That's how things float
That's how things float

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