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​Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (I Got Faith Like A Butterfly's Wings)

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album WPA Vol. 13 Hard-Scrabble Dreams (2012).

I can tell you're not sure if you wanna go
And really that's most understandable
There's whole a lot involved in where you place your bet
And all these reports? They're a little suspect

Taking a stab at matters of the heart
Shooting in the proverbial dark
You gotta a prayer like the breath of a little baby
I wish I knew how you felt about me

Yeah, yeah, yeah... not much I can bring
Yeah, yeah, yeah... I got faith like a butterfly's wing
Yeah, yeah, yeah... there's a world beneath your skin
For God's sake try to be your own best friend
Yeah, yeah, yeah...

The autumn branches have been stripped bare
Your breath it freezes and hangs in the air
The wind it howls over bleak terrain
If you make it back kid, well, you're never the same

Searching for a secret on this path
Always a little elusive just outta grasp
But the stones on the way have been worn smooth
So maybe that'll be some comfort to you


  • Written by Bill Mallonee