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This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album WPA Vol. 13 Hard-Scrabble Dreams (2012).

The family's last things have been cleared out
'Cept your memories and your luck
And whatever's in your coat pocket
Or will fit into a pick-up truck
This land was our's for 40 years
But it ain't ours no more
Banker with a gold watch said: "I tried to warn ya'!"
I'm off to look for God in California

Now, I've heard there was work to be had
Picking fruit in the bright warm sun
I aim to see if it's true or not
And if it is, well I'm gonna get me one.
I was taught hard work will take you far.
I was taught fairness is a guiding star
But that ever worked out in Oklahoma
Maybe it will in California.

Red dust hangin' in the air.
Red dust in yer eyes and ears.
Red dust filling up every seam
Hope there's no red dust in The San Joaquin

I gotta preacher friend who don't preach no more
But he sees way more than he did before
Had a vision and now he's at a loss
Saw the Spirit moving in every soul
Says a man can die before he gets old
And Jesus, is still hangin' on that cross for ya'
Out there in golden California


  • Written by Bill Mallonee