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This song is by Bill Haley And His Comets.

Original video
R-O-C-K, rock…

Making R from an eight,
To the bar eighty-eight,
O from the tone of the sax syncopated,
C from the key of a six-string guitar,
K from the kick of a rim shot, baby.

That's how they played it,
That's how they made it,
R-O-C-K, rock.

I know my A's and my B's and my C's,
P's and my Q's and my X, Y, Z's,
Know how to lose,
All the blue, blue, blues,
Jump in a pair of my dancing shoes.

Take with my baby,
Rock with my baby,
R-O-C-K, rock.

Oh, Strauss discovered waltzes,
A handy man found the blues,
And here they came along,
With their rocking song,
Crazy, man, crazy, crazy news.

R is all the rock, hear the band,
It's a' moving,
O more than that, it's a go-go grooving,
C what I mean, it's a hot top action,
K like a kiss it's a cool attraction.

Who even get you,
I'm gonna bet you,
R-O-C-K, rock.

R-O-C-K, rock…

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