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This song is by Bill Callahan and appears on the compilation Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox (2009).

I know, what do you know?
I remember
I see, what do you see?
I remember

And I feel, what do you feel?
I remember

All of those days
Stretched out in line
Vertebrae spools in a spine

And I cry, why do you cry?
'Cause I remember
And I smile, why do you smile?
'Cause I remember

All of those moods
Entangled, entwined
What was once skin becomes rind

And I speak, why do you speak?
'Cause I remember
And I scream, why do you scream?
'Cause I remember

All of those lies
Compounding through time
Cortical clues to the crime

And I fall, when do you fall?
When I remember
And I fly, when do you fly?
When I remember

All of those skies
I'll never find
Circuits short out in my mind


Written by:

Christopher Alexand Knox

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