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Too Country

This song is by Bill Anderson and appears on the album A Lot Of Things Different (2001).

Too country what's that
Is that like too Republican or too Democrat
Is it too far too the left, too far to the right
Too straight down the middle, is it too black or too white?

Are the biscuits too fluffy, is the chicken too fried
Is the gravy too thick, are the peas too black-eyed
Is the iced tea too sweet, does it have too much tang
Are there too many lemons in Mama's lemon meringue?

Are the roses too red, is the sunshine too bright
Are there too many stars in the heavens at night
Are there too many fish that still jump in the stream
Is the sky too blue, is the clean air too clean?

Too country what's that
Is it too many pearls of wisdom under Grandpa's old hat
Is it just too old-fashioned, is it just too antique
Is the question too strong, is the answer too weak?

Is the grace too amazing, is the steeple too tall
Are there too many yes sirs, yes ma'ams and how're y'll
Is the message too real, too close to the bone
Do the fiddle and steel remind you too much of home.

Is honest and true just not in demand
Too country, too country, too country I don't understand...

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