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To Be Alone

This song is by Bill Anderson and appears on the album My Life/But You Know I Love You (1969).

(To be alone) to be alone
(With just a memory) with just a memory
This is my destiny to be alone
(You left me here) you left me here
(With just these walls to see) with just these walls to see
I know you meant for me to be alone.

You left me to be alone
But there's one thing that you didn't count on
Something far beyond your imagination
I knelt and I prayed
And I recieved a much
Much deeper consolation.

And now I share a greater love
You see it's not so bad for me to be alone
With my head bowed down on my knees
I prayed and I cried
And He dried my tears
And He promised me
That He'd forever be at my side.

He'll be my friend beyond eternity
It doesn't worry me to be alone...

Written by:

Billy Vaughn

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