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Till Death Do Us Part

This song is by Bill Anderson and appears on the album For Loving You (1967).

(One love, one life, one dream forever)
(One love for one heart till death do us part.)

Forsaking all others till death do us part
Wherever you go I'll follow and whatever you do
I want to be part of it
Because you're so much a part of me
That I just couldn't live without you.

Forsaking all others for better or worse
I don't even have to think about it
Because no matter how rough it gets along the way
Every step that I take with you is over a mountain of happiness
Or through a valley of golden sunshine
For richer or poorer I'll never be poor
As long as I own your love
Because it's the most priceless possession that I have.

You made me the richest girl in the world
When you gave your heart to me
Every day with you is a heaven on earth
That neither money can buy not poverty take away
I'm yours to hold to keep and to love forever
With every beat of my heart I live only for you.

(One love, one life, one dream forever)
(One love for one heart till death do us part.)
Till death do us part...

Written by:

Eric Leiser - C.W.Bradley

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