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Part of My Heart

This song is by Bill Anderson and appears on the album Happy State Of Mind (1968).

I've tried to forget you by running and hiding
Burning down bridges and closing off doors
I guess it just took me a long time deciding
Part of my heart will always be yours.

My footsteps have wandered over mountains and valleys
My eyes have awakened on far distant shores
But nowhere on earth am I happy without you
Part of my heart will always be yours.

I know now I'll never erase you completely
I feel like a soldier returned from the wars
I fought a good fight but I loved you too deeply
And part of my heart will always be yours.

Our love was a flame once but now it's an ember
My heart has no strenght left for you were its source
Wherever you wake up tomorrow remember
Part of my heart will always be yours...

Written by:

Bill Anderson

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