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Old Country Church

This song is by Bill Anderson and appears on the album Singing His Praise (1972).

There's a place dear to me
Where I'm longing to be
With my friends at the old country church
Where with mother we went
And our Sundays were spent
With our friends at the old country church.

Precious years of memory
Oh, what joy they bring to me
How I long once more to be
With my friends at the old country church.

Sometimes in fond mem'ry
My thoughts go back to the old country church
That I attened as a boy
You know it's kinda funny how we cling
To old bygone days and bygone places isn't it
Why it seems like only yesterday
That my mother took my childish hand in hers
And led me slowly down that long
Winding path to hear the word of God
And I seem to sense his presence
More strongly there than anyplace I've ever known
There with the singin' of the birds
And the humming of the bees.

I knew that God was surely there
I knew it just as sure as if he'd laid his hand on my shoulder
And said welcome to my house son
Ah, but years have passed and times
Has brought many heartaches and many tears
I've seen my mother pass onto the
Great beyond and many loved ones have followed
And I'd seen them go with dispairing
Hearts and tear dimmed eyes

And now in later days as I stroll along
The grassy footpaths to the old country churchyard
And I view the final resting place of my departed kin
I'm consoled by the thought that their sleep is a happy one
There in the place where God and men are one
And once again I seem to hear
The voice of our gentle shepherd saying
Welcome, welcome to my house my son.

Precious years with memory
Oh, what joy they bring to me
How I long once more to be
With my friends at the old country church...

Written by:

J.D. Summer - James W. Vaughn

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