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This song is by Bill Anderson and appears on the album Where Have All Our Heroes Gone (1971).

(Melinda, Melinda)
Oh, how I miss Melinda

While a walking down a street in Denver
I passed by a little dress shop
A sign on the door read Melinda's
And I asked myself if I should stop.

For I knew a girl named Melinda
When I lived here years ago
And I wondered if by chance it could be
The Melinda I used to know.

So I peeked in through the window
And there to my surprice
I saw my darling Melinda
And a tear came to my eyes.

For she looked lovely as always
As I watched her standing there
Her face was like an angel's
With a halo of golden hair.

Melinda, Melinda, with the golden hair
Oh, how I miss Melinda. (Melinda.)

Then I slowly remembered
how she suffered the shame
Of being left with a baby
And me never changing her name.

So I ran in and called out, Melinda
So ashamed I hung down my head
But the young girl said sir
I'm sorry but you see my mother is dead.

Melinda, Melinda, with the golden hair
Oh, how I miss Melinda.

Oh, how I miss Melinda...

Written by:

Jan Crutchfield - Jimmy Gateley

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