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This song is by Bill Anderson and appears on the album Bill Anderson Showcase (1964) and on the album Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 (1971).

(Me) That's all I ever thought about
(Me) That's all I ever cared about
(Me) I turned my back on the love that I now cry for
(Me) I pushed aside what some men die for.

(You) You wanted so little for yourself
(You) You wanted my love and nothing else
(You) You gave me my chance, I just waited too long
(You) I never realized how much I loved you untill you've gone.

(We) That's much a small and simple word
(We) You wanted to hear it but you never heard
(We) It would have meant so much to you then
(We) You might still be in love if it hadn't been for.

(Me) What kind of a man would close the door
(Me) On the very thing that he searches for
(Me) I've been around but I've failed to see
(Me) Anywhere in this world a bigger fool than (me.)...

Written by:

Alex Zanetis

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