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I'll Be Waiting

This song is by Bill Anderson and appears on the album For Loving You (1967).

Packed my things and went away a thousand years ago today
For I had places to go and things to see
I had a girl who loved me so and she begged me not to go
But I left and took her pleading words with me.

I'll be waiting, always waiting
I love you and I'll miss you while you're gone
I know you have to do what your heart tells you to
So I'll be waiting till it tells you to come home.

All the things I'd hoped to find I soon learned I'd left behind
So I told myself oh boy let's us go home
'Cause our darling's waiting there and she said she'd always care
And the echo of her promise leads me on.

I'll be waiting, always waiting
I'll be waiting till your heart tells you come home
I'll be waiting, always waiting
Well, I got back home today and I almost wished I'd stay away.

For I left here with a smile and now I weep
Oh, she kept her promise alright and she's waiting here tonight
Still waiting neath the ground where she's asleep
I'll be waiting till your heart tells you come home...

Written by:

Bill Anderson - Moneen Carpenter

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