Bill Anderson:Here Comes Honey Again Lyrics

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Here Comes Honey Again

This song is by Bill Anderson and appears on the album Bill Anderson Sings For All The Lonely Women In The World (1972).

Just about the time I pull myself together
When the hurt in me gets better than it's been
Just about the time I feel life's still worth living
It's funny, here comes honey, again.

Honey comes and honey stays just long enough to tear my mind up
Then she leaves me just the way I knew she would
And I have to start all over start to picking up the pieces
Times like this I almost wish she'd go for good.

Just about the time I'd find myself a new love
When this broken heart she left me starts to mend
Then that's just about the time that I'll be saying
It's funny here comes honey, again.

Just about the time I feel life's till worth living
It's funny here comes honey again.

It's funny here comes honey again...

Written by:

Sonny James - Carole Smith