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Five Little Fingers

This song is by Bill Anderson and appears…

I came home last night to a dark and lonely cottage
I took the wreath off the door and somehow I stumbled inside
I just can't I just can't I said live without her
Give me one reason to live now that my darling has died.

And then five little fingers
Touched my hand
Five little fingers
Too young to understand.

And there was a softness in my little girl's touch
That seemed to say daddy I need you so
And in five little seconds her five little fingers
Told me all that I wanted to know.

I could tell her little eyes were full of questions
I tried to answer but all I could do was hold her tight
Forgive me forgive me I said for crying
But darling your daddy has got such a load on his shoulders tonight.

And then five little fingers
Soft and dear
Touched me on the cheek
And gently brushed away a tear.

And I knew that in her own little way
My baby was saying daddy I love you so
It only took five little seconds for her five little fingers
To tell me all that I needed to know.

(Five little fingers too young to understand.)...

Written by:

Bill Anderson

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