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Eight By Ten

This song is by Bill Anderson and appears…

(Eight by ten eight by ten)
All that's left of all our love now
Is just your picture, eight by ten
(A souvenir of things that might have been.)

My lonely world is only eight by ten eight by ten eight by ten
I remember the night that you gave me that picture I ought to
I've relived it so many times I remember how I couldn't wait to get home
Put it in a frame and tell everybody that you were mine.

Because you were mine at least until someone else came along
And took you off out of my sight
It's a good thing that you did leave me your picture to hold
Because now I can cry on your shoulder every night.

(Eight by ten eight by ten)
My lonely world is only eight by ten.

It's awful to be jealous of an old picture frame
But I'm jealous of anything that's close to you
And that picture frame seems to be holding you pretty tight
That looks like more than I'll ever do.

I wish that I could just be the glass in that frame
And be so close to the lips that I love
I am glad that I've at least got your picture to hold
But sometimes it's just not enough

(Eight by ten eight by ten)
My lonely world is only eight by ten...

Written by:

Bill Anderson