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You Can't Love This

This song is by Bile and appears on the album Teknowhore (1996).

Waiting alone in the back of a lie
Cchewing on stone 'cause I don't want to die
Breeding in muck 'til my spleen rots away
Screaming in dark, nothing more I can say

You can't love this...

Yes, the attitude puts you in fear
Screaming, contorting, the end is near
Hatred and hatred and hatred inside
You did this to me, ow you must die

You can't love this...

Not liked and not wanted
Not needed, don't flaunt it
Not cool or down with it
Loser, just stay seated
A creep in all aspects
A creep in your back seats
A creep in all your minds
I don't care...

What you say means nothing
What you think means nothing
What you want means nothing
What you see means nothing
What you take means nothing
What you feel means nothing
What you are means nothing
Who you are means nothing

I hate you, you fucking cunt...

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