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This song is by Bikini Kill and appears on the album Pussy Whipped (1994).

O, baby, I want ya
You're so fuckin' big
You're so big and hard
You've got such a big cock
Push it in deeper now
O, deeper, harder
I'm almost cummin'
I'm almost cummin'
O, sugar!
I can almost reach my mouth, now, now
I'm a self-fulfilling porno queen, yeah
I mimic out your ever' fuckin' fantasy yeah, yeah
You know, you know
In my head, I'm on my knees
O, baby
Why don't I ever get my
What are you afraid of?
Who are you afraid of?
What are you afraid of?
Who are you afraid of?
O, sugar!
I won't play girl to your boy no more
I want mine right here, right now
Baby, sugar
I can almost reach it now, now, now

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