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This song is by Bigwig and appears on the album Stay Asleep... (1999) and on the movie soundtrack That Darn Punk (2001).

Why can't I explain my feelings?
All these thoughts my mind's just reeling,
Confused and dumb in my regrets,
Hope it's not too late yet.

I miss you yes it's true,
it's been two months since I'm the fool,
Don't know what's keeping me from you.

Well, it's hard to explain what I've done wrong,
New adjustments, it's been so long.
A lot's gone right but mostly wrong,
I hope someday you hear this song.

I miss you yes it's true,
It's been two months since I'm the fool,
Two thousand miles away from you.

This place is bringing me down,
Because you're not around.
It's hard to find the time,
When I can, I know I'll make you mine. (2x)

Know I'll make you mine(2x)

Well, it kills me to hear.
All good things come to an end.
No matter what, open arms and open ears,
A shoulder to cry on.
All good things come to an end,
No matter what, I'm still a friend.

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