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Money Machine

This song is by Bigelf and appears on the album Money Machine (2000).

It's so hard to get a break from the money machine
And you know that it's easy, so easy to make a mistake
But you're flying high, yeah, you're in an airplane, you're up in the sky
Fly so high

Years go by and no one knows how you feel inside
And you know that corporate pig won't let me in to the money machine
But you're drinking gin, yeah, by the big bar, you're out by the pool
You're the fool

Fame never comes to those who wait for the money machine
And you know we get older, a little older, and then we fade away
Fade away

I'm sleeping away the day, I feel I cannot succeed
I'm trying to buy time up in my mind to get over your greed
Now don't give me any crap, I know it's a trap you intend to write us off
Well you're too numb to know where we're coming from, you're just too soft
You wanna make a buck, you average schmuck, you don't care about the band
You blow sugar up my ass and then say you'll pass and try to shake my hand

You know I'm tryin'
You know I'm tryin' to get through to the money machine

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