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Make A Circle

This song is by Bigbang and appears on the album Electric Psalmbook (1999).

Because your smooth
But not too special, really really cute though
The way you look at me
Is gonna wear my heart out
And Trouble stands laughing hard now
He's waiting by my door
Mother nature what is the story here
And what is it for
I'm not awake today
And I'm not asleep tonight
I've got some principles
And now they'll have to fight
What's that moving breaking my line
Now make a circle come on roll into mine
What's that curving and breaking my line
Now make a circle come on roll into mine

Your strange perfume,
Fresh coffee and the morning light
Casts a shadow that slowly grows on to your right
Some say that it's wrong
Some say that it's fine
What's that moving and breaking my line
make a circle roll into mine

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